Donne and the long rest

John Donne was an English poet in the 16th century who tried to defy death, but alas, it got him. He was often criticized as a writer during his time and perhaps not fully acknowledged for his worth. He was a critic of English society and is often remembered for his erotic poetry.

Donne was adept at metaphor, and before his time in a lot of his poetic conventions. He lived in poverty for a good part of his life and spent a lot of money (perhaps unsurprisingly) on womanizing, literature, and travel.

What I find most engaging and liberating about Donne is that his poems connect modern audiences to the world very different from ours, yet very much the same in some ways. It’s a testament to his skill that his work can still be deemed relatable, and that his metaphors and connections can still strike true.

If only he were still alive to see it.










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